How to clean a comb

How to clean a comb

As your hair combs fill up with old hair, dust, as well as hair product residue, they become much less efficient and can include dust and germs to your fresh washed hair.  On a regular basis cleaning your hair combs will help your hair looks its finest.


Method 1

Cleaning with Hair shampoo


1.Eliminate the hair from your hair combs.

You want to make sure to eliminate all the hair that has actually built up in your hair combs during their use. This can nurture germs as well as dirt that can infect your clean hair throughout styling. Your hair combs can additionally have a buildup of hair item that requires to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure your hair looks its ideal. To remove the excess hair from your hair combs, attempt:

Using a pen or pencil to raise the hair off the hair comb bristles.

Utilizing a comb to get in between your hair comb's bristles.

Cutting the hair with scissors if it is tangled or hard to get rid of from your hair comb's bristles.


2.Fill your sink with cozy water as well as a percentage of hair shampoo or conditioner.

Utilizing a making clear hair shampoo will certainly make certain that it cuts through the designing item residue that is on your hair combs. Baby hair shampoo is likewise efficient at cleaning hair brush dust. Use a dollar size amount of shampoo or conditioner and blend well with warm water.


3.Soak your hair combs for around 15-30 minutes.

You wish to permit your hair combs to saturate to soften the bristles. This will certainly also loosen the dust, hair, and also hair items that may be stuck on the hair brush, itself.


4.Scrub with a toothbrush to get rid of any type of dirt.

If it seems that your hair combs need additional cleaning, make use of a tooth brush to scrub the bristles as well as surface area of the hair comb. This will enable dirt and hair items to be eliminated easier as well as will guarantee you have a clean hair comb when you are finished.


5.Rinse brushes with cozy water to get rid of the hair shampoo.

Extensively rinse the shampoo or conditioner from the hair comb's bristles. This will aid eliminate any excess dust and hair from the hair comb. You wish to make sure to wash well, so there is no hair shampoo or conditioner deposit left on the bristles. This might make your hair greasy when utilized later.


6.Towel completely dry your hair combs.

As soon as rinsed, dry your hair combs on a towel. This will get rid of any type of excess water and keep your bristles fresh. If you have a natural bristle hair comb, leave it bristle side down on a towel to air dry over night.


7.Drain the water left in the sink and take care of any kind of hair.

You can drain pipes the water that is left in the sink. It might be necessary to wash and also clean your sink with a towel to get rid of any remaining dirt from your hair combs. Any type of hair that has actually been left in the sink needs to be thrown away. Make sure not to allow huge hair globs to go down the drainpipe as this might clog your sink.



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