How to clean a harmonica

How to clean a harmonica

Do you want to clean your harmonica? Harmonica maintenance can be a fragile matter because of just how vulnerable the inside of the tool is. Follow these tips to efficiently clean your harmonica.


Cleaning Your Harmonica Daily


1.Rinse with warm water.

If you have a diatonic harmonica with a plastic comb, simply run some lukewarm water with the harmonica. Putting the mouthpiece against your hand, touch it strongly to get rid of the water.

Just run water with the harmonica if your comb is plastic or closed timber. If the comb is wood or steel, do not run water via it.


2.Tap the harmonica after each usage.

Due to the fact that a harmonica is played with the mouth, saliva and also various other contaminants get blown right into the tool by the mouth. After each use, tap the harmonica on your hand, leg, or a towel to knock out any type of loosened saliva. This will aid keep it clean as well as help in reducing the quantity of accumulation in the tool.

Attempt to be a completely dry harmonica player. This suggests you must try to decrease the amount of saliva that you pass into the harmonica while playing.


3.Allow your harmonica dry after playing.

One more means you can aid maintain your harmonica clean and also rust-free is to allow it completely dry after playing. When you position it in case, leave the case open. This helps any dampness in the harmonica to dry instead of resting there damp in your harmonica.


4.Clean your mouth before playing.

If you have actually consumed or intoxicated anything right before playing, rinse your mouth with water. Residues of food can get blown right into the harmonica, as well as sugar or various other pollutants from non-water drinks can accumulate a residue in the harmonica.

Avoid playing right after cleaning your teeth. Any residue left over from the tooth paste or mouth wash can accumulate.


Don't smoke while playing the harmonica. This can harm the harmonica.



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