How to clean a wok

How to clean a wok

Wondering exactly how to cleanse a wok? Below's what you require to know to keep your frying pan in best problem.

Whether you're whipping up pad Thai for Friday evening supper or making a copycat version of your favorite Chinese takeout, you're likely utilizing a wok. Yet since the round-bottomed frying pan isn't something you utilize everyday, you possibly have inquiries, like exactly how to clean a wok-- specifically if it obtains rustic or crusty.


Both most prominent sorts of frying pans are carbon steel and also cast iron as well as while they each need various food preparation techniques, both kinds need to be cleansed as well as taken care of the same way. Below is our very easy guide on how to clean up a wok correctly.


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How to Clean a Wok

First things initially: You need to never utilize soap (or any other extreme cleansers or metal scrubbers) on your wok, or you'll eliminate the aging. Rather, scrub the interior of the wok gently with warm water utilizing a routine kitchen sponge or a wok brush.


After that, completely dry off the wok with a towel before putting it on the range over low heat until there disappear noticeable water droplets. See to it the wok is completely dry prior to putting it away to stop it from rusting.


Just How to Get Rid Of Corrosion or Hardened Food from a Wok

If your wok winds up with corrosion or burned-on food, soak it in warm water for about 5 minutes to loosen up the fragments. Then tidy it as you usually would (aka with a mild sponge or cleansing pad).


You can additionally utilize steel woollen for particularly difficult-to-remove rust or food, if essential. However, scrubbing with an abrasive sponge will likely remove some of the aging in the process. That means that you'll require to re-season your wok afterward to recover its nonstick surface. To do so, follow our straightforward detailed overview to seasoning a wok.



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