How to clean a wool rug

How to clean a wool rug

One of the very best investments you can make in house decor is a wool rug or carpeting. Wool flooring are warm underfoot, long lasting, as well as work beautifully with any design of residence layout. As a natural, renewable fiber that prevents microbial development, wool consists of lanolin that naturally drives away discolorations as well as dust mites. So whether you have a vintage hand-knotted Persian, a modern machine-woven wool rug, or wall-to-wall wool carpeting, you must take care of it correctly to safeguard your investment.


How Commonly to Clean a Wool Rug

Regular vacuuming is the vital to maintaining the beauty of the fibers. A brand-new wool rug will shed fibers. Do not be startled, as it is normal because of the nature of how wool fibers are woven and the rug won't end up being bare. The majority of the dropping will certainly occur in the very first few months. If you vacuum at least two times weekly during the first months, the dropping will quickly diminish.


Make use of a good vacuum with a beater bar to assist raise embedded dirt and dirt. If your rug is fringed, begin vacuuming in the center of the rug as well as stay clear of the edges to prevent damages. Vacuum cleaners with beater bars and fringe don't mix well. Use a hand-held vacuum cleaner or an upholstery add-on to clean the fringed edges.


What You'll Need

  • Tools/ Tools
  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • 2 buckets
  • Sponge
  • Old towels
  • Products
  • Amazing water
  • 1 to 2 tbsps gentle wool clean cleaning agent


  1. Clean the Dust

Choose a sunny, modest day to deep clean a smaller sized wool area rug. Take the rug outside and also hang it over a tough clothesline, deck railing, or a number of solid chairs. Make use of a broom, tennis racket, or rug beater to hit the rug throughout to loosen deeply ingrained dust.


This is likewise the moment to get rid of the rug pad and also give it a good shake outdoors as well as clean the floor covering under the rug.


  2. Vacuum cleaner the Rug

Spread the rug flat on your deck, outdoor patio, or a clean tarpaulin with the wrong side up. Vacuum cleaner it well. Turn the rug over as well as vacuum the other side. If you don't have an outside place, use your kitchen area floor, garage, or any dry location.


  3. Mix a Mild Cleaning Agent Solution

Fill a huge pail with great water and add one to 2 tbsps of a gentle detergent like Woolite, or your homemade wool laundry, as well as mix well. Fill a 2nd pail with clean awesome water.


  4. Gently Scrub

Dip a sponge into the cleaning agent and also water option and also start sponging at one end of the rug. Work in a grid of about 3 feet by 3 feet as well as sponge on the cleaning option using gentle pressure. Wash out the sponge often as the soil is transferred from the rug. Do not over-wet the fibers. Wool is really absorbent and can take a long time to completely dry.


  5. Rinse Away Suds

Dip a clean sponge in fresh water to "wash" the location you have actually cleaned up. Do not skip this step because any type of detergent left in the fibers will attract extra soil.


  6. Blot the Moisture

Blot the cleansed location with old towels to soak up any excessive dampness. Relocate to a new area and also repeat the actions until you have actually blotted the whole surface.


  7. Permit to Dry

Allow the rug to dry entirely prior to putting it back on the rug pad. To speed drying time, hang the rug, or elevate it to enhance air circulation.


Removing Stains From a Wool Rug

Spills and muddy impacts occur, yet timely treatment is the most effective point you can do to safeguard your wool rug. To eliminate numerous various other issues, comply with the standards for particular discolorations. Nevertheless, there are some suggestions you should utilize each time you take on a discolor on a wool rug:


Don't scrub: Never scrub a fresh discolor. Instantly, raise away any solids with a plain side like a spoon or spatula and blot up fluids with plenty of paper towels. Scrubing only pushes the discolor much deeper right into the fibers.

Let mud dry: When it comes to mud, wait up until it dries out on the rug before cleaning it up. Dry mud stains are simpler to eliminate utilizing a dull side device in addition to vacuuming up the crunchy little bits.

Dab stain cleaner: Never put any kind of type of stain remover directly on wool carpets. Location a bit of the cleaner on a white cloth as well as test it to see to it that it does not create the colors to hemorrhage or vanish. This also aids prevent excess soapy residue left in the wool fibers.

Go gentle: Constantly make use of a tarnish remover suggested for wool carpets like Emergency Stain Rescue Stain Cleaner, a gentle cleaner like Woolite, or simple dishwashing liquid and also lukewarm water.

Avoid bleach: Never use chlorine bleach, ammonia, and even oxygen-bleach to a wool rug. These chemicals can harm the wool and also create colors to hemorrhage or vanish.


Tips to Maintain Your Wool Rug Clean Longer

Institute a "no footwear indoors" policy that can help stretch the time between essential cleansings.

Working with a professional rug cleaner is the best choice to clean wall-to-wall wool carpets.

If your animal has actually had a crash on your wool rug, counteract the odor by dabbing a little bit of white distilled vinegar on the area.

To refresh your wool rug in between cleansings, select a "dry bathroom" of dry rug hair shampoo formulated for wool rugs.

Seasonally, rotate the rug to prevent too much wear patterns and also irregular fading from sunshine. This will certainly aid the rug last much longer and create an even aging total.



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