How to clean bike chain

How to clean bike chain

Here's a detailed run-through of how Nankman cleans up a bike chain.


Clean the Cassette

Shift gears to ensure that the chain gets on one end of the cassette. Apply a lot of soap or degreaser to the brush and completely scrub all the cogs, except for the one with the chain. Next off, shift the chain to the other end of the cassette and also tidy the continuing to be gears.


Tidy the Chainring( s).

When the cassette has been cleaned up, it's time to clean up the chainring( s). "I'll usually drop the chain off the chainring to do this," Nankman states. Like with the cassette, use lots of soap or degreaser to the brush and scrub away.


Clean the Chain.

Currently it's time to cleanse your chain. If you have more than one chainring, move your chain onto the biggest one. Apply a liberal amount of soap or degreaser and also scrub all sides of the chain up until tidy. "Rub the side plates of the chain using the chainring as a surface to press the chain versus," Nankman says.


Delicately Rinse With Water.

As soon as whatever has actually been scrubbed down, wash your drivetrain off with a mild stream of tidy water, Nankman says. Keep away from making use of a high-pressure hose, which can blow up water right into areas you do not want it.



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