How to clean Birkenstocks

How to clean Birkenstocks

This overview defines exactly how to clean the footbed of Birkenstock shoes. Birkenstocks are made of leather and cork, and also need to be preserved in a specific means to keep your footwear feeling and look good.This direction set can be handy for Birkenstock proprietors that want to maintain their footwear clean without wasting excessive time in the process. Cleansing ought to take about a hr and then the shoes will certainly dry over night, so you will be back to strolling about in your sandals quickly! First, I will walk you with the cleansing procedure, however additional ideas regarding brightening the natural leather bands are consisted of at the end.


Initially, accumulate all the things required for cleansing. These consist of:


  • Your Birkenstock
  • An old tooth brush
  • 1 tablespoon cooking soda
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • Cup and also spoon for blending
  • Cloth rag


The materials needed for brightening the straps consist of:


  • Leather cleaner, I suggest the brand Natural leather Honey,
  • Water
  • Cup and spoon for mixing
  • Towel


After you have actually gathered these products you are ready to start.



Next off, prep your sandals by moistening the cloth and rubbing out the excess dust from the footbed. Unstrap sandals. Usage round activities as well as attempt not to make use of an excess quantity of water. The footbed will certainly get very dark, as seen aware over.


Kind Paste

After your Birkenstocks perspire, mix the tbsps of baking soda and also water to make a cleansing paste. Combine 2 tbsp of baking soda as well as 1 tablespoon of water in a little cup. Mix till a paste forms. The paste must be similar to an adhesive consistency.


Cleaning up

Currently, use the old tooth brush to apply the paste to the footbed of your shoe. The white paste may transform brown, yet that simply means it's working! Once again, make use of round motions with your toothbrush to work the paste right into the footwear. You will certainly have some of your paste left over, however this can be reused for future cleansings.


Remove Excess Paste

Get your towel as well as re-wet again if required. Use the moist cloth to wipe off the baking soda paste.



Once the paste is removed, put your Birkenstocks in a dry, dark location to let them totally completely dry. Stay clear of putting them in direct sunshine since that might cause your shoes to crack. Enable them to sit overnight prior to using them again. As soon as fully dry, you prepare to put them back on.


Optional Added Cleansing

As an optional final action, leather cleaner can be applied to the bands on your shoes in order to get them to truly shine. This is an excellent method to do a complete restoration on your footwear. The natural leather on top of your footwear get exposed to great deals of sunshine and also dirt, as well as are at danger of drying. The natural leather cleaner assists to moisturize, seal, and also safeguard your bands.


Natural Leather Cleanser Products

After products are accumulated, you will certainly need to blend the leather cleanser with water if using the Leather Honey located in the web link. This is a concentrated leather cleaner, so you will certainly require to dilute it.For my bands, I used 1/2 tablespoon of leather cleanser and also 4 1/2 tablespoon of water to make a small amount of cleaner.


Apply Leather Cleaner

Now, use a dime-sized quantity of leather cleaner mix onto your completely dry fabric. Use circular movements to moisturize the leather on your shoes. Remain to massage up until you notice a sparkle on the bands. Take care not to oversaturate the leather. You will certainly have several of your cleaner blend left over. This can be kept for the next cleansing session.


Final product

After you are all done, your footwear ought to be looking years younger, and scenting better too!



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