How to Clean Cricut Mat

How to clean Cricut Mat

Run lukewarm water over the mat. Use a plastic, hard-bristled brush to gently scrub in a circular activity till the whole surface of the mat had been cleaned up. Pat completely dry with a paper towel. Let floor covering air dry entirely for dampness to return.


Cricut mats can get boring, unclean as well as shed their stickiness in time.


Ideally, these sticky floor coverings are just to be used for a few lots times before they become imprecise, non-sticky surface areas that can ruin a potentially perfect craft, however don't toss them away right now!


In this post, we'll reveal you numerous methods on just how to clean your Cricut mat and restore it to optimum problem. Moreover, we'll offer a few effective approaches on just how to restick your floor covering and also make it great as brand-new.


Cricut mats are available in a number of various variations, however the method of cleaning should be more or less the very same. You'll find this guide beneficial when you require to re-use an old Cricut, a shape mat or a cake floor covering that's made use of for cooking.


You'll save a perfectly excellent Cricut mat, a few bucks and it can be an enjoyable project, too. So what are you waiting on? Collect some excellent old cleansing materials and also allow's begin!


Cleaning Your Cricut Mat

A Cricut mat in some way loses its objective when the surface has actually come to be imprecise as well as unable to create specific cuts.


You'll know when it's time to clean the mat when materials do not stick in addition to they utilized to, or when the surface has come to be filthy as well as if there are soft particles that get in the way.


Cleansing the floor covering will not need you to use specific materials. Actually, several of them might be discovered in the majority of houses and cleansing cabinets.


Step 1. Light Cleaning


The first thing you'll wish to do is whip out your trusty plastic scraper, which must be available in with your acquisition of the Cricut device. Otherwise, any kind of comparable tough plastic scraper will do. Run the product along the surface area delicately and in a systematic way to remove small particles. Do this numerous times prior to continuing to the following step.


Step 2. Child Wipes and Dust Roller


Think it or not, infant wipes are the perfect cleansing friends for your Cricut mat as they're damp and soft sufficient to leave your mat unharmed. But below's the important things- not all baby wipes can be utilized to clean Cricut mats! Select one that's bleach and also alcohol-free, or danger shedding the floor covering's stickiness for life.


Run the wipe via the surface area gradually, as well as ensure to cover every little thing in a straight line. You may be attracted to reach for that nail varnish remover, however it's far better to be risk-free than sorry. Baby wipes and also dust rollers, and often a good antique soap and water ought to work marvels in making your Cricut mat appearance recovered and all set for cutting.


Dust rollers offer to fulfill two features. One, it can take away persistent matter that will not come away with plastic scrapes and also child wipes. Two, rollers are sticky and also can transfer some of their stickiness onto the mat's surface. Occasionally, the one-two mix of infant wipes and also dust rollers is enough to remove moderate accumulation.


Step 3. Soap & Water


Once in a while, you will certainly want to give your Cricut mat a bathroom making use of a container that's filled with soapy water.


Permit the mat to saturate for around 5 to 10 minutes before taking it out. If there is stuff that won't come off, after that use a little brush and rinse with cozy water. You can additionally use a sponge, a Magic Eraser or an adhesive eliminator for specific debris. Simply make sure to check out the directions that include the cleansing product. Oh, and you'll probably require to restick your floor covering afterwards.


Step 4. Air Dry


When you're satisfied with how clean your Cricut mat looks, it's time to hang it up to dry.


Wait on the floor covering to be completely dry before utilizing it once again. Utilizing a towel, tissue or paper will certainly be counter-intuitive as small bits will certainly stick to the surface and also lessen overall performance.


Just How To Bring Back Dampness in Cricut Mats


Has your Cricut mat lost its dampness as well as currently you can't be as exact as you 'd such as?


No worries- there are several methods on exactly how you can make it sticky and also useful once again.


You'll require a glue spray, aka a sticky spray or repositionable adhesive for this. These are all available at retail craft stores as well as on the internet shops as well as are relatively cost-effective. Bear in mind that each product might have different instructions of use, so make certain to review them prior to anything else.


Some non-traditional re-stick products you can use in a pinch include quilt basting spray, repositionable glue sticks, as well as scrapbooking glue. If you have all the materials all set, let's continue.


Secure the sides of your Cricut mat utilizing covering up or painter's tape. It's important to not make the sides sticky so they will not mess up the cutting maker.


Step 1-- Remove any remaining dampness to make sure the glue spray will uniformly coat the mat. Apply ordinary rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone on the surface, after that discuss it with a scrapper.


Step 2-- Gradually spray or apply the sticky spray and also layer the surface area of the Cricut mat evenly. Some products will need you to comb a few times, while others function their magic simply by making get in touch with. Once again, comply with directions on the tag for the best outcomes.


Step 3-- Let the adhesive rest and also bond to the mat's surface area properly. After around 15 to 20 mins, meticulously remove the tape on the sides as well as evaluate the ended up item. Your Cricut mat should be excellent as new and prepared for activity!




Cleansing your Cricut mat is very important so you can utilize accuracy techniques without fretting about dust, dust or dust obstructing. We would certainly advise caring for your floor covering's surface and also consistently cleaning it with the approaches discussed above.


In addition, resticking your Cricut mat allows the product to move evenly right into the cutting device as well as kept intact throughout the process. Why invest hard-earned cash right into buying a brand-new floor covering when the old one is completely functional? Revitalizing and making it sticky once more just takes a couple of minutes as well as it's not that pricey.



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