How to Clean Dark Underarms

How to Clean Dark Underarms

Dark underarm is considered as one of the typical dilemmas among women.

Most women with dark underarms cannot wear sleeveless clothes or dress or when they do it looks strange when you see someone with dark underarm. Sometimes most men gets turn off with their date who happen to have dark underarms.

Most of these women find it difficult to clean their dark underarms after trying everything.

However, need not to worry because there are some tricks that are effective to clean dark underarms and can surely make your skin look vibrant and white. The following are some of the effective tips on how to clean dark underarms effectively.

You should wax underarms regularly. Waxing plucks of hair from the underarm is very ideal because it completely eliminates the roots of the hair from the underarm’s skin. Shaving cannot guarantee complete hair removal from the underarm.

Shaving also causes the skin to become dark. For best results, it would be nice to shave the underarm first before waxing to prevent the hair to grow faster.

Lemon juice is another great tip for cleaning the dark underarm, just use cotton ball and rub in into your underarm. This process can be done daily or every other day to make your underarm clean and white. In addition lemon juice is an ideal way to make the skin look brighter and lighter.

Bleaching is also another way to reduce dark underarms. This procedure can be done once a month, but not frequently because it can damage the skin. Bleaching is an ideal way to make the skin look lighter.


Another way to make the dark underarm clean is by using pumice stone. This stone can be scrub into the skin. But remember to scrub the skin lightly because the skin can be damaged  or injured. So after bathing is the best time to do this.



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