How to clean fireplace glass

How to clean fireplace glass

Your wood stove or fire place insert glass can often have a grey or black film over it.This movie can often appear 'baked on' as well as very tough to get rid of. While your initial response may be to order a cable brush or some extreme chemical cleansers, you don't wish to damage your pricey fireplace glass or develop a fire risk. Your best option for cleaning your glass are things you have right near your fireplace: water, ash and also paper.


Step 1: Be Safe!

CAUTION: Before you begin cleaning your fireplace glass, make certain that your fire place insert or stove has no smoldering ash. Keep in mind that coals can stay hot for approximately 2 days.


Step 2: Things You Will Certainly Require

To cleanse your fireplace or wood stove glass, obtain some newspaper (I choose the non-colored kind), some regular tap water in a frying pan or dish, water spray bottle as well as some paper towels. After that ensure you have your secret ingredient all set: ash from your fireplace.


Step 3: Get to Work!

Fold or collapse your newspaper, dip it in the water and after that in the ash. You simply require to dampen the newspaper a little bit (simply damp) and also you simply need a little ash to stay with the damp newspaper.


Step 4: Scrub Scrub

Take your dampened newspaper with ash and also begin carefully massaging the product on the inside of your fireplace glass. I prefer a circular activity as I locate it loosens up the residue quicker. You will certainly discover as you clean, your paper will turn black and become filthy. Discard that piece of paper as well as get some extra, dip it in the water then ash, as well as repeat as needed. In short order, you will have gotten rid of the majority of the 'baked on' soot, and also you'll have just a bit left on your glass.


Step 5: Ending up

Splash a few of the water on the glass as well as wipe off with a paper towel. Repeat up until the paper towels have no black deposit, then dry with a tidy paper towel.


Step 6: Unwind and also Enjoy!

Take a look at the clear new glass! You deserve a good glass of a glass of wine by the fire!



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