How to Clean Gold and Silver Old Coins

How to Clean Gold and Silver Old Coins

Collecting old coins is one of the most common hobbies of many people who love antique items. Displaying these items into your house can surely amaze your visitors. However, over time these coins needed to be cleaned. That is why, it is very important to know how to clean old coins to preserve your priceless collections.


Before you start cleaning old coins, it is advisable to get an advice from a professional that can help you. It is also important to start first with a coins with low value because it lessens the risk of losing valuable coins.


Gold Coins

Ø      Among metals, gold is considered as top notch type of metals because they are not prone to extreme chemical reactions.

Ø      The only problem that most gold may encounter is the gold tends to become light orange or yellow in color.

Ø      Just a use soap and water to clean the gold, the water should be distilled to protect the coins.

Ø      After washing the gold coin, let it dry thoroughly

Silver Coins

Ø      Silver coins are more prone to chemical reactions unlike the gold coins. Over time the coins can turn into deep brown and black. We can see this on the silver coins these days, wherein they appear to be dull. The parts that are unhandled of silver coins may turn to dark grey to black in color.


Ø      Some of the effective chemicals to clean silver coins acetone, ammonia, lemon juice and vinegar. When cleaning silver coins, soaked the coins into the chemical you want to use. These liquid simply removes the encrustation from the coin’s surface. Coins should be dried by using soft and clean cloth.


Silver coins must be kept away from certain chemicals primarily sulfur. It also averts oxidation that could lead to blackening of coins. The silver coins must also be preserved by stor



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