How to clean hearing aids

How to clean hearing aids

How to clean remote microphone systems

It is necessary to clean Oticon Amigo, ConnectClip and also EduMic remote microphone systems when being shared amongst different users.


Adhere to these essential suggestions:
  • Put on gloves when cleansing Oticon remote microphone transmitter.
  • Most sorts of business disinfectant damp wipes can be used for cleansing the remote microphone transmitter.
  • Those that are water-based disinfectants are ideal; an option of 70% isopropanol might be utilized. Hand sanitizers should not be utilized.
  • Clean the whole surface area of the remote microphone transmitter with the moist anti-bacterial wipe/towel.
  • Take care to stay clear of straight touching microphone openings with excess fluid. Moist wipe is finest.
  • After cleansing, discard the handwear covers and wipes/towel; clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or decontaminate with an appropriate alcohol disinfectant.
  • Let the remote microphone transmitter dry for a couple of mins.


Utilizing the MultiTool for cleansing

The MultiTool is a functional device that should be utilized to make sure the very best care, cleaning as well as efficiency of your hearing aids:


Replace the brush when essential. Just pull it out of the tool as well as place a brand-new fresh brush. Press the new one strongly into the deal with.


MultiTool brushes can be bought from your hearing treatment professional.



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