How to clean marble floors

how to clean marble floors

Exactly How to Clean Marble Floors

Marble is a beautiful rock that makes an extravagant enhancement to any type of house. Nevertheless, marble is also a delicate rock requiring fantastic care to preserve its luster and to prevent scraping. That's why at House maid Brigade, we're sharing our suggestions on how to clean marble floors.


Tips for Marble Flooring Treatment

Cleansing marble floors begins with preventative treatment as well as normal upkeep. Sweeping or cleaning and also mopping on a daily basis will certainly remove any kind of dust or surface debris that might scratch or otherwise hurt your marble. It's likewise important to look after spills as soon as they take place to make sure that water or other liquids aren't enabled to tarnish your floor.

Want to keep your marble floors clean?

  • It is necessary that the cleansing remedy utilized on marble be pH neutral.
  • Do not make use of acidic cleansers on your marble or it will damage and also lose shine. This indicates no vinegar!
  • Clean your marble floors with a highly thinned down mixture of ammonia as well as water or with a very thinned down blend of recipe soap as well as water. (No greater than 1/2 cup per container of water).
  • When you're finished mopping, we recommended you dry the floor using a soft, fluffy towel. Because marble is such a permeable stone, standing water can leak into the stone and also cause discolorations.

For suggestions beyond marble floors, have a look at our other floor cleansing suggestions, which are developed to assist you keep your home in fantastic form in between complete cleansings.



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