How to clean mouth guard

How to clean mouth guard

When it comes to safeguarding teeth as well as keeping great oral health and wellness, mouth guards can be an important tool. Taking proper care of the mouth guard indicate it can continue doing its task for as long as feasible.


If your children utilize use mouth guards, their daily oral health routine must include mouth guard treatment and also cleaning. To keep your kid's mouth guard healthy as well as clean, adhere to these steps:


Rinse the mouth guard instantly after wear.

Rinse the mouth guard with cozy (not hot) water immediately when your child takes it out of her mouth. This will certainly eliminate particles and also stop dental plaque from accumulating on it.


Brush the evening guard.

With a marked soft tooth brush as well as light antibacterial soap, gently brush the mouth guard to clean it. Do not use tooth paste for this, given that it is unpleasant and can harm the mouthguard.


Deep clean the mouth guard weekly.

Enter the habit of cleaning the mouth guard every week. Utilize an over the counter denture cleaner, as well as saturate the mouth guard in it with some water. Wait till the cleaner has completely liquified in the water.


You can do the exact same point with hydrogen peroxide and also vinegar. Saturate the mouth guard in distilled vinegar for 30 minutes, rinse, and also the soak it in the hydrogen peroxide for an added 30 minutes, and afterwards rinse it once again extensively.


You can likewise attempt a mix of mouth wash as well as water. Utilize a capful of mouthwash weakened in water (up until the mouth guard is totally submerged). Allow it soak for half an hour.


Area the mouth guard on a clean surface area as well as allow it air completely dry.

After you have actually cleansed the mouth guard, allow it air dry totally prior to placing it back in its situation. This will stop bacteria from expanding in the encased problems of the case. It must take the mouth guard no more than 15-20 mins to completely dry.


Always maintain your mouth guard in its situation when not in use.

You're less most likely to lose or harm the mouth guard if you keep it safely stored in its instance.


Maintain the case clean.

There's very little point in meticulously cleansing your mouth guard if you do not additionally clean the case you store it in! You can maintain the mouth guard case clean by cleaning it every couple of days with regular dish soap. Stay clear of placing it in the dishwashing machine however, as the high temperatures might warp the plastic. Allow the situation to dry after washing it to avoid bacteria development, and also replace it with a new one every 6 months to a year.



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