How to clean Oil Paint Brushes

How to clean Oil Paint Brushes

You've ended up paint, so now it's time to clean the oil paint from paintbrushes. Usage solvent (paint thinner) to clean oil paint from paintbrushes; soap and also water will not work. Cleaning paintbrushes before the paint has a chance to completely dry on them is the very best way to keep your tools in good shape.


Gather your products.

You need a wire paint comb, made use of paintbrush, paint container, latex gloves, safety glasses, dropcloths or newspapers, three plastic or metal containers (such as coffee containers), paint thinner or mineral spirits, paper towels, large cardboard box, huge garbage bag (lawn-cleanup dimension).


Protect on your own and also the workplace.

Place on your handwear covers as well as safety glasses, and also lay down paper or dropcloths to protect your work surface area.


Fifty percent fill each of the 3 containers with paint thinner.

Establish the three containers on the secured surface, and also load each fifty percent complete with paint thinner.


Comb excess paint from the brush.

Utilize the wire paint comb to scratch excess paint off the brush and also right into the paint can.


Establish the brushes in the first container of paint thinner.

Put all your brushes right into the first container and also soak for five minutes. Wiggle them around to work out the paint.


Produce a location to blot the brushes with paper towels.

While the brushes are soaking, prepare a blotting location: Put down several layers of paper towels in addition to the secured surface where you're working.


Blot the brushes against the paper towels.

Eliminate the brushes and also put them on the paper towels. Usage gentle pressure to push the bristles into the paper towels, blotting off the thinner.


Repeat Tips 5 and 7 making use of the second container.

With each successive container extra paint should come off the brushes.


Wash the brushes in the 3rd container.

Put the brushes into the third container and also soak for three mins. Swish them around once or twice. The liquid should be clean.


Produce a drying out box for the brushes.

Develop a place for the brushes to completely dry by lining a big cardboard box with a big garbage bag.


Get rid of excess paint thinner.

Pick up each brush as well as, using your gloved hand, press the excess paint thinner back right into the container. Blot the brushes on clean paper towels.


Beat the brush to remove recurring paint thinner.

Position your hands inside the large cardboard box to include the spatter, and put the metal heel of the brush deal with versus the heel of your hand repeatedly until no liquid is left. Dry with paper towels.


Dispose of the paint thinner.

Pour all the paint thinner right into a single container. Replace the cover safely. Get in touch with your local waste disposal solution to guarantee appropriate disposal.



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