How to clean piano keys

How to clean piano keys

If you play the piano, you understand that an important action in maintaining your piano in great shape for a long time is through normal repair and maintenance when essential.


Correct maintenance is essential (no word play here meant), as well as one of those tasks includes cleaning your piano keys without damaging them. Oils from your skin (as well as whatever various other gunk your skin grabs), dirt, and dirt can collect on your keys making them look extremely dingy.


Even if you wash your hands frequently there is still mosting likely to be some wear on the keys. Cleansing them can be done rather conveniently at home without employing an expert and saving you cash as well as leaving your keys just like new.


Nonetheless, there are a couple of points you need to be mindful of:


initially: what sort of keys do you have?

It is really important before you even begin to know what type of material your keys are.


There is a distinction in how you will be cleansing plastic keys versus real ivory ones. The keys on a key-board are plastic, while on a real piano will certainly be ivory. Yet there are pianos (especially, more recent ones) that do have plastic keys, so ensure you recognize which kind you have prior to you proceed.


If you are having trouble analyzing which, here are some things to keep in mind of:


Cream color keys aren't exactly white, but a lot more off-white in shade.

Plastic keys are smoother and also have a clear-like finish on them.

Cream color keys will have two parts collaborated that you can noticeably see.

Ivory keys will certainly look a lot more yellow as they unclean with time.

doing this will cause damage

If you are preparing to take on the task of cleansing your piano keys, there are certain things that you need to not be doing, so be sure to prevent them to make sure that you do not trigger more damages to your keys when cleaning:


  • Do NOT utilize chemically-based cleansers or polish. These cleansers are too rough as well as will probably damage your keys. Stay with mild soaps.
  • Do NOT use paper towels when cleaning them down. You intend to use cloths that are lint complimentary and will not leave any deposit.
  • Do NOT clean your keys back and forth, you risk wetness getting in between the keys and creating more harm.
  • Do NOT make use of the exact same fabric when cleaning black keys and white keys, use different fabrics. In some cases the paint can wipe from the black and after that you will smear the whites.
  • Do NOT make use of spray disinfectants during cold/flu seasons, these can destroy the surface area of your keys and also the spray itself can bring into other parts of the piano (which will trigger further destruction!).
  • clean the keys very carefully.
  • Prior to you reach cleansing it is a good idea to dust off the keys initially to make sure that any type of surface dust is removed. You can likewise dust your piano keys in between usages by utilizing a soft paintbrush or soft-bristled brush or duster. Make sure to work brushing to press the dust off of the keys.


If you wish to simply decontaminate your piano keys, the most effective option is utilizing some filtered water with white vinegar to clean them down. Making use of a cheesecloth or flannel, make certain you clean vertically down and require time to dry the keys in between wipes. Make certain you keep in mind to change towels from white keys to black keys.


The warm water and also white vinegar solution are best for cleansing plastic keys since anything else over plastic (consisting of soaps) can be too dangerous. Ensure you just make use of a little bit, a great rule below is one part vinegar to four parts water because the acid in the vinegar can create damage if you use too much.


When cleansing your ivory piano keys, there is a mild option of just warm water with a bit of meal soap that will be sufficient and efficient. Make sure that whatever cloth you decide to use, it is finest if it is white in color to ensure that nothing else colors bleed onto the white keys. Make use of a cleaning movement when wiping to ensure that you're not being as well abrasive (like rubbing), which can bring about damage.


Lightening cream color keys.

You can additionally use white tooth paste to tidy ivory keys. Make certain to utilize regular, simple white tooth paste just. The gel and tinted toothpaste corrode as well as discolor ivory. This will certainly assist lighten the keys once more.


Another means to aid with bleaching ivory keys that have yellowed would certainly be to think about relocating them to a location with indirect sunshine because that can in fact aid to bleach your keys making them look whiter again.


One last method you can work with lightening your piano keys is utilizing a white plastic eraser as well as carefully scrubing it down each white secret, seeing to it to do each key on its very own to stay clear of any kind of eraser little bits getting in between the keys.


Another technique that is a little bit off and also off-the-wall is to wipe down the keys with either mayo or yogurt to lighten the cream color. Believe it or not, the germs in these foods assist to bleach the ivory in a gentle but efficient way. Simply remember to likewise rub the keys with a completely dry cloth after to get rid of any of the food residues.


All set to play again.

After cleansing as well as buffing, your keys ought to appear like brand-new as well as prepared to play once more. It is wise to do the disinfecting every number of weeks and the cleaning a minimum of once a month to keep your keyboard or piano healthy. If it is not made use of significantly you can area out just how commonly you clean it, however cleaning with a brush may be something you'll intend to do every number of weeks if it's not getting made use of because the keys will still collect a lot of surface area dirt. You can additionally attempt to lower cleansing in between usages if you make certain that anybody who uses the piano including on your own always cleans as well as dries their hands before they utilize it.


Your online piano educator need to be able to give you appropriate instructions on the frequency and the best type of cleaning you should take part in.


If your piano is an antique, it might be much better to seek advice from a professional before attempting to cleanse it by yourself. If you aren't careful, you can take the chance of the piano's worth with incorrect cleansing techniques.



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