how to clean popcorn ceiling

How to clean popcorn ceiling

Giving your popcorn ceiling a facelift can be a grimy and also time-consuming work, taking up the bulk of a whole weekend, however you can definitely do it yourself. Read these ideas on exactly how to quickly and safely clean popcorn ceilings.


Many homes created in the mid-20th century attribute textured ceilings also called "popcorn" or "cottage cheese" ceilings. Achieved by splashing a blend of stucco as well as Styrofoam onto the ceiling, the design was prominent at the time as an affordable sound insulator and way to hide flaws.


Many homeowners keep up the appearance today due to the fact that they either enjoy the eccentric aesthetic or don't wish to go to the trouble of renovating their ceiling. Whatever the reason, snacks ceilings need to be cleaned at the very least annually, as the nooks and crannies quickly catch dust as well as dust, transforming the surface right into a dull eye sore. What's more, if you're someone who deals with residence irritants, it most likely doesn't help to have all that dust essentially hanging over your head.


One reason to generate specialists, nonetheless, may be if your residence was developed before the 1980s and asbestos is a worry. Ensure this isn't an issue before you start tackling this task on your own, as the consequences could be significant.


Steps for Cleaning Up a Popcorn Ceiling

Right here's how to eliminate dirt from your popcorn ceiling, provide it a great deep clean, as well as have it looking new again.


Step 1: Preparation the area and on your own

Start by prepping the space. In addition to all the dust as well as particles that will certainly be falling from the ceiling, items of the "snacks" might loosen and boil down as well.

Cover the whole area, including the furniture as well as flooring, in drop cloths or a plastic tarpaulin.

Next, collect all your tools and also materials so they're conveniently obtainable. You'll need a vacuum cleaner or broom, a lint roller, spray containers filled with cleansing options, sponges, followers, a stepladder, and also possibly some guide and also paint.

Lastly, ensure you're safeguarded too. Put on a face mask, goggles, as well as handwear covers to secure yourself from cleansing fluid and also falling debris.


Step 2: Remove the dirt and cobwebs

Use a vacuum with the largest brush add-on to carefully eliminate dirt and webs from the ceiling's surface. You can make use of a soft-bristled broom or feather duster rather, brushing the dust onto the protected floor.

If there are any kind of persistent particles entraped in the grooves of the unequal surface, try rolling a dust roller over them to choose them up.


Step 3: Deep-clean tarnished locations

Discolorations on the ceiling can be brought on by water, mold, smoke, or oil. For these areas, you'll need to use a fluid cleansing solution.


Start by testing a small location of the ceiling to make sure the option functions correctly as well as doesn't harm the surface. Snacks ceilings do not do well with wetness, so make certain a small part of the ceiling can deal with the cleansing liquid prior to you tackle the entire point.


For discolorations triggered by smoke, water, or mildew:


Mix one-part bleach with 4 parts water in a spray bottle.

Mist the blemished area and gently dab it with a sponge, after that wait a couple of hrs to see if the discolor comes out. If it does not, add even more bleach to the spray bottle as well as attempt again in one more location up until the remedy appears to be efficient.

Ensure you don't moisten the ceiling excessive or it might begin to degenerate.

Allow completely dry overnight, with fans blowing to quicken the drying out procedure as well as the home windows open for ventilation.

To strike oil spots:


Combine one-quart cozy water with one tsp liquid recipe soap in a spray container.

Lightly spray the blend onto the tarnish, after that delicately dab at it with a sponge, taking care not to allow the ceiling obtain as well wet.

Allow completely dry over night, with followers blowing in the area.

Tip 4: Paint over trouble spots

Some spots may show as well hard to get rid of with cleaning remedies.


In those instances, think about concealing the discoloration with paint.

Use a stain-blocking oil primer, followed by two coats of flat ceiling paint that matches your ceiling's color.



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