how to clean ps4 fan

How to clean ps4 fan

The PlayStation 4 is an impressive tool, significant for its sharp sides, rhombus-like profile as well as small dimension. Yet with that said super-small footprint comes one significant disadvantage. The ducted fan has a tendency to catch dirt, as well as after a while, it will need to spin extremely quickly to maintain your system cool.


A fast fan is a loud fan, and also the fan inside the PS4-- specifically the initial model released in 2013-- is about as loud as they come. Repairing the problem is surprisingly straightforward, particularly if you have a more recent PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro.


( Note: Sony explicitly states, in no uncertain terms, that disassembling your PS4 will nullify its guarantee. As someone that has actually had their initial PS4 fixed under service warranty, I value that service. Continue at your own danger.).


If your PS4 is already out of guarantee, you do not have a whole lot to shed. Likewise, the PS4 Slim as well as the PS4 Pro both feature easy-to-remove plastic cowlings, so you might be able to care for that messy fan without truly "dismantling" anything.


But we'll reach that.



Cleaning up the fan on the initial PS4 is the most problematic of the bunch. Initially, you'll need to obtain a special screwdriver.


It's called a T8 Torx bit, and also you'll need the security variation with a little dimple carved into business end of it. The Torx nuts on the back of your PS4 have a little outcropping in the center, and also without the dimple on a safety and security little bit you're just not getting them out. These bits are probably offered at your friendly local hardware store, or for an allowance on


Once you have the correct bit, proceed as well as unplug all the cords from your console. Place it on a tidy, flat, smooth surface that's not likely to dent or gouge the surface as well as turn it around. On the back, along the bottom of the console, you'll require to get rid of three screws. They're the only screws on the back of the PS4 that lie under half of the device, and also they will likely be obscured by large black stickers.


Note that when you take those stickers off, you've basically nullified your service warranty. In my case, I'm already about 4 years out of warranty so I'm not horribly concerned.


Back those screws out as well as place them in a refuge. After that, flip your PS4 inverted and eliminate the bottom plastic cowling. You'll be able to easily tip it up from the back, moving it forward a little to get free from some sharp edges and also cables on the front end.


You're primarily done now. The fan is subjected, so strike it from every angle with some tinned air. Take special like also clear out the grills along the left as well as appropriate side of the console too.


When putting points back with each other, understand that the screws enter perpendicular to the angled behind of the PS4. Replace them gingerly, or you'll likely strip the strings. As soon as you have actually buttoned whatever back up, you're good to go.



The most up to date versions of the PS4 do not require devices to cleanse the fan. It's all based upon brute force.


Again, disconnect your PS4 as well as place it on a clean, level, smooth surface. Face the console away from you, realize the bottom front of the console's leading plastic cowling with your fingertips as well as gently pull it up and also in the direction of you. You may need to start at one corner, then the various other, to break it totally free. You will also need to back it out, as above, to get around the sharp angles along the contrary (back) side of the gadget.


Damaging that first seal will certainly appear awful, as well as you might need to flex the plastic a little bit to get around the tabs that quiet, yet it's been created to enable you to do this.


With the top cowling off, the fan is revealed. As above, use canned air to clean it out, and also take special care to dirt out any other consumption where dirt might obtain caught. Pop the cowling back on, as well as you're done.


If you want other suggestions for the care and feeding of your PS4, have a look at our overview on altering out your thumbsticks on the DualShock 4.



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