How to Clean Rugs

How to Clean Rugs

How to clean rugs

Acquiring floor coverings for your home could be an expensive endeavor. Bearing in mind the high amount of dirt and foot traffic that the rugs may be exposed on day to day basis, it can also be difficult to keep them clean all the time.


In this article, you will know some of the effective tips on how to clean rugs effectively.


The best defense that you can do is to protect your floors and rugs is to follow the “shoe-free” rule. It means you should allow yourself and other members of the family to wear shoes around the house but it cannot be avoided especially if this can affect your lifestyle needs. Rugs that are situated in high-traffic area should be vacuumed everyday to avoid the dirt to penetrate into the rug’s fibers. In case you can’t do the everyday vacuuming is at least do it two times a week. By this you can avoid the dirt and dust to accumulate into the rugs.


If you able to clean your rugs on a everyday or weekly basis, then you may not be required to make a deep cleaning, which make it hard to remove the dirt and dust immediately. In addition, you may also opt to clean the rugs by professional or yourself. But the best option here is to clean the rugs yourself because it can be expensive when you do get a professional that will help you do the task.


First stop, clean your rugs outdoor either it is into your driveway or garage. Start by meticulously vacuuming both sides of your rugs meticulously in vertical and horizontal directions. Use a mild detergent and cold water to shampoo the mat.

Make sure to test the rug for colorfastness and the color of the mat isn’t affected. If you wish to use a brush, make sure to use soft-bristled brush to remove the grime and dirt. Keep in mind to brush the rug gently to avoid the rug to be damaged. Then rinse it with clean water, if there’s still a presence of dirt and grime, repeat brushing and rinsing the rug.


Make sure to dry the rug effectively, you can use shower, window or car squeegee to loosen the water effectively. Put the rug into a dry area and flip it on the other side to dry the rug completely.



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