How to clean vicks humidifier

How to clean vicks humidifier

A Vicks humidifier can be a blessing when you have actually got the flu, an unpleasant cold, or sinus problems. They utilize unique filters to remove contaminants from the air and contaminants from your water can develop right into scaly deposits over time. The good news is, cleaning your Vicks humidifier is in fact really simple. Wash the humidifier daily to maintain it enduring much longer, and also do a nice deep-cleaning a minimum of once a week to get rid of any range down payments. It's also a great suggestion to decontaminate the water tank and also tray a minimum of as soon as a month to stop any type of microorganisms from developing.


Washing the Humidifier Daily

  1. Location the humidifier on a level surface area.

Ensure the humidifier is switched off and disconnect it. Set it on a clean, flat surface like a table or a counter top. Make sure you have enough area to clean the humidifier.

See to it the surface is flat and also to maintain water from escaping the sides.


  1. Remove the water storage tank and water tray.

Both items are connected to the base of the humidifier. Take off the water container initially, which will certainly allow you to move out the tray. Take care not to harm the filter when you get rid of the container as well as tray.If your humidifier doesn't have a tank, get rid of the top real estate and lay it inverted on a level surface area. Make certain you don't relax the real estate on the water tube or you could damage it.


  1. Vacant the tank as well as flush it with cozy water.

Unscrew the cap on the water tank and also empty the water into a sink. Flush the container with clean, warm water. Shake the container to slosh the water around within it. [3] Usage cozy, however not hot water to purge the tank. Hot water could thaw or warp the plastic.

If your humidifier doesn't have a water container, empty the base of any continuing to be water and also wipe it down with a clean cloth or paper towel to dry it off.


  1. Clean down the water container with a completely dry cloth or paper towel.

Take a clean fabric or a couple of paper towels to the outside of the water container as well as any other locations that may have gotten water on it. If any other parts of the humidifier are dusty or dirty, make use of the moist cloth or paper towel to wipe them down.


Deep-Cleaning the Humidifier Weekly


1. Empty the water tank and also flush it with cozy water.

Eliminate the water tank, loosen the cap, as well as empty any kind of water within it. After that include some warm water to the tank and shake it around to flush it. Establish the container off sideways until you're ended up cleaning up the humidifier.

Area the storage tank upside-down to allow any type of added water to lack it.


2. Switch on the humidifier to enable air to move via the filter.

With the storage tank still removed, turn on the humidifier. When the wicking filter is totally dry, shut off the humidifier and disconnect it.

It ought to take about 10-15 mins for the filter to dry out.

If your humidifier does not have a detachable tank, turn off the humidifier and unplug it. Then get rid of the top housing, and also unload out any kind of water left within. Wipe it down dry with a cloth or a paper towel.


 3. Raise the filter from the water tray.

Gently draw the filter straight up to remove it without tearing it. The filter needs to be completely dry before you attempt to remove it. If it isn't dry, wait an additional 5 mins.


 4. Remove the water tray and pour 1 mug (240 mL) mug of vinegar right into it.

Slide out the water tray and established it apart. Put the unmixed vinegar right into the tray as well as enable it to sit for thirty minutes. The vinegar will loosen up any scale deposits that may have built up in time.

For humidifiers that don't have a removable tray, make use of a sponge taken in vinegar and also clean the within the base. Then rinse it out with cozy water.

Use distilled white vinegar.


  5. Rub the water tray to remove any kind of range down payments.

After half an hour, take a sponge and scrub off any type of scale from the water tray. If the scale isn't coming off, soak the tray in vinegar for an additional 30 minutes then scrub it once again.

Make use of a sponge that has a rough side to scrub the tray.


  6. Rinse the tray and pickup tube with cozy water.

Once you've rubbed off the scale deposits, rinse off the water tray and also the pickup tube that moves the water from the storage tank. Use warm water that isn't also hot. Dry off the tray, container, and tube with a clean cloth or paper towels when you're completed.

Make certain you wash the inside and outside of the pick-up tube.



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