How to clean wax warmer

How to clean wax warmer

Location the warmer on a degree, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant surface.


Commonly, you needn't get rid of the wax from the warmer to clean up the device. The wax ought to be kept tidy since you need to never double-dip the applicator right into the wax. If you do would like to know exactly how to remove wax from warmer, the simplest method to get hard wax out is to turn the warmer on until it is thawed yet not so hot that it will certainly spill easily.


Regular Cleaning of the Beyond Your Warmer Pot

By maintaining your wax pot clean, you will certainly stop wax accumulation as well as sticky residue. Taking the time to clean the exterior of your wax pot after each customer will certainly make you a much more expert waxer and maintain your pot like new for the future. A messy-looking wax heating system pot will certainly not instill self-confidence in your clients regarding the hygiene of your hair salon, as well as not just looks poor but likewise can spread bacteria.


Below are the steps to securely and efficiently clean a wax pot:

You want to wipe any type of old wax deposit from the beyond the pot. While the wax is still warm, you can use a waxing strip with a little baby oil to eliminate any type of drips. Dried-on cool wax will certainly require a little bit a lot more hard work, which can be much easier with a wax warmer cleaner.

You can cleanse your wax warmer for waxing completely at the end of daily. If it's been off for a while, you'll want to warm up the pot before cleansing it to make the task simpler.

KEEP IN MIND: Do not warm your pot without wax in it as the tool can get too hot, causing the wax melting heater to fail.


If you want to get rid of all the wax from the inner chamber, heat up your wax pot warmer to a slightly greater temperature level than regular. Warm till the melted wax is a slim consistency.

Get rid of the internal pail as well as carefully pour the melted wax into a container for disposal or storage. If the wax is clean (suggesting no double-dipping with applicators), decontaminate the transfer container first with either scrubing alcohol or boiling water prior to putting the wax in it. You can buy a cost effective and also reusable wax holder to keep wax in by searching for "waxing dish" online.

If the wax is old, after that you need to deal with it appropriately. Do not pour fluid wax or wax cleansers down the tubes, as doing so will certainly harm pipelines as well as obstruct the drain when the wax strengthens.

Continue cleaning by allowing the primarily vacant inner container bucket to cool down slightly. If the pot is also hot, a liquid cleaner will smoke, and you do not wish to breathe in the vaporized steam from the cleaner. You desire it simply warm sufficient to thaw the wax.

Pour in whichever cleaner you are using, such as mineral (infant) oil or a ready-made wax cleaner, into the container, and also permit some wax to be liquified away. Our Wax Warmer Cleanser is an all-purpose cleaner as well as specifically created for all expert wax items.


Some beauty therapists use cotton pads or paper towels to soak up the liquid, yet purists discourage this. Swirl a tidy wax strip around the chamber with a non reusable wooden applicator stick or make use of a new kitchen spatula, so you do not shed your fingers. Continue swabbing up the internal sides.

You might want to repeat some steps till you eliminate all the old wax.

When the chamber is cooler, raise it totally out, and tidy all-time low. Massaging alcohol can be utilized to tidy up excess oil however only use it on the metal chamber, not the exterior of the pot.

Use a wax solvent or oil to tidy inside the bottom of the pot as well as any kind of roaming wax from the exterior of the pot. Make sure to wipe down the within with a waxing strip or paper towel. Disinfect the inner pail with boiling water or rubbing alcohol (do not use on the plastic outer pot due to the fact that, gradually, it will certainly create it to crack.

Tips and Takeaway

Now that you know just how to clean up a wax warmer, you will certainly get quicker at it. As you wax a lot more, you will be able to prevent drips. Below are some additional pointers:


Using affordable as well as non reusable paper collars around your wax pot can protect it against inescapable drips and spots.

Make sure when cleansing to see to it the pot's off, as well as the wax has cooled down adequately so that you do not shed your fingers. For security, use safety gloves like black nitrile gloves when cleaning a wax pot simply in case.

Stay clear of getting wax on apparel or other surfaces. If you require to just how to eliminate body wax from surfaces other than the waxing pot, you can attempt topping it to eliminate the majority of the wax, following it with wax cleanser or infant oil on hard surface areas.

You might wonder what to do with old wax melts or hard wax beads. They don't end like hair coloring, although they could shed their fragrance after long term storage. Keep extra wax in a relatively great atmosphere devoid of dust.

If you want to know how to remove body wax from surface areas, try applying wax equipment cleaner sparingly to a towel to break down the wax as well as remove it from rug, counters, garments, and so on. Follow with ordinary water on a fabric to remove item deposit.

Oily wax equipment cleanser is an important wax accessory to minimize time cleaning your body wax warmer.

A professional wax warmer for waxing body hair is various from the wax melting heater utilized for wax melts for launching scents, however you can make use of the same device for an eyebrow wax device.



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